Tools to Clear Blocks

Our ability to clear our blocks, resistance. patterns and negativity – our karma, mostly in our subconscious, determines how effective we are in consciously using the law of attraction in our life.

The 11 Forgotten Lawsprogram by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey is one of the best, if not the best programs, to learn about the law of attraction and all other laws that enhance its conscious usage. It is the program I highly recommend to all my clients.

To support your journey in learning about the laws, I also recommend some tools that complement the program. These tools are very helpful to: 

  • understand your patterns, beliefs, your karma if you like
  • clear your patterns, beliefs and your karma
  • install new and empowering ones and create a better future for yourself


Understanding The Law of Karma

Here is a wonderful short video that further explains the Law of Karma. Enjoy!


Understand Your Karma

Click here to discover the meaning behind the karma that is driving your life experience!

Changing Beliefs

Our beliefs are based on our thoughts, our feelings, our experiences and more importantly, our interpretation and reaction to our experiences. Our beliefs then also determine our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. This can be a wonderful or not-so- wonderful loop!

We have empowering beliefs and dis-empowering ones. The dis-empowering ones are what cause us most problems in our life and really determine how effective we are in using the law of attraction deliberately.


Change your beliefs and change the very filters with which you perceive and create your world. Click here and discover how to re-invent yourself and your world! 


How to Forgive Yourself – The Magic of Forgiveness

One of the laws in the 11 forgotten laws program is the Law of Forgiveness. It is such an important law, but also not very easy to implement in our life.

If we continue to invest so much of our energy in the past, it becomes energy capital we can’t invest in our present and our future, until we withdraw or release it from the past. The best way, and really the only way, of withdrawing or releasing it is via forgiveness.

When working to release your karma, forgiveness of yourself and others is your ticket to mental and emotional freedom. Click here to experience the magic of forgiveness and let go of the past!


Clearing Your Money Blocks

All our blocks and resistance are really energy or vibration. Mostly blocked or stuck energy. This applies to our relationship to the energy of money as well.

If you struggle with the energy of money, then you need to clear your energy, your beliefs, your vibration, around and about money.

One way of clearing is based on working with your energy system and your beliefs via a simple but powerful and effective energy tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques. Watch the video below and tap along with Brad Yates in addressing some common limiting beliefs around and about money.

To discover how you can get and use the simple and easy tapping method used in the video to eliminate the subconscious blocks you have about making money, Click here!


The Practice of Mindfulness

We often get ourselves into difficult situations because we are not mindful of what we are doing, feeling or thinking. We just react!

What if, from now on, we strive to be mindful, to be in the moment, to be the “Observer,” the “Witness” in our life? Could that turn our life around?

Could we, via being mindful, realize that we are not really our thoughts, our feelings or our body?

How empowering would that be?

The following video is a great introduction to mindfulness:


Hope you enjoyed the chocol… err, I mean the video!;)

Hypnosis and Regression to Clear and Heal Your Past

Sometimes if we are stuck in repeating patterns or unable to break through some blocks, the cause can be from our past (this life or past life) and hidden deep in our subconscious. Can be difficult to get to without some deep clearing work. One effective method is using hypnosis and regression to identify, heal and release the true cause. Watch this video with Steve G. Jones.



Are your ready to change your life for the better by uncovering the events of your past in this life or in a past life? You can now enjoy discovering how your past is affecting everything that makes up what your life is today! CLICK HERE!

More clearing tools to come. Check back soon!

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