The Secret – Why It Often Falls Flat

The SecretThe Secret, as popularized in the movie by Rhonda Byrne, is a famous universal law that ancient wisdom has espoused in many traditions for centuries, although in different forms. It’s the philosophy that whatever we focus and concentrate on most will become our reality, or

…We create our reality…! 

Most religions, from Christianity to Buddhism, hold these principles to be truth although the idea has been watered down in many cases.

Here’s the deal folks. The Secret’s message is a brilliant one and it works.
However, ever since it was made famous by Oprah, it’s real message has gotten more and more diluted until it’s now just plain unrecognizable in some cases.
The book is a great, but it’s really incomplete, and the movie, well, the movie is a lot of glitz and glamour without any real “meat” to it.
These are the main reasons why The Secret, which has been practiced by so many, isn’t working.
They have been taught a great secret, but perhaps incompletely or even by the wrong teachers.
This information isn’t anything new really. Books like The Science of Getting Rich and other books from the early twentieth century have made hundreds and even thousands of people rich, powerful, and accomplished. However, The Secret and it’s wisdom, in its present form, simply isn’t enough for most get a real result from it.
And that’s sad because the principle works so beautifully when its taught by the right people.
Life coaches and successful entrepreneurs Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey realized that the message of the Law of Attraction was being misinterpreted and corrupted in some places and thus created a supplementary program that allows everything to fall into place much easier. The digitally downloadable program is called The 11 Forgotten Laws, within they build upon the Law of Attraction and make it work where it has failed in the past.
Much of the principle of the material, up until now, has simply been incomplete. This incompleteness causes people to get lost within their own minds and ruin any progress they might have made. Many times with a complex process it’s the subtle, missing pieces that make it all come together and that is certainly the case in this instance.
This program teaches people exact steps to making these universal laws really work. Instead of being too general and amorphous this manual is filled with detailed mp3s that show people where they are going off track and reinforces and renews the information so that people will actually have the tools to make these principles work their magic.
But don’t think that you’re not going to have to put effort into it. That’s another area where a lot of people fail. The 11 Forgotten Laws obligates people to using these techniques for just an hour a day. But, this forces you to create the time necessary to get results and it keep you on track.
Repetition is the key here.
If you try these principles a few times and say to yourself this doesn’t work, well you simply haven’t put in the effort and it’s never going to work.
Imagine making enormous, positive changes in every area of your life, changes which are completely within your control. Isn’t that worth an hour of your time per day?
Make The Secret finally work with Bob Proctor’s The 11 Forgotten Laws. It’s guaranteed to work or your money back. Discover what you’ve been missing out on.

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