The Law of Attraction: Love is the Key

What's the Law of Attraction Love connection?

Many people want to manifest love into their lives, but few stop to consider how love itself is the key ingredient to the law of attraction. If there were a mechanism to make manifestation possible in your life, love would be the fuel. It is the single most powerful energy in the universe, and once you get into the habit of living from it, you’ll soon realize that there’s a limitless supply available with unlimited power for manifestation.

So how does love work with the law of attraction?

The first thing teachers of the law of attraction tell us is that joy, passion, and excitement are the key elements to manifestation. This is because the emotions behind the intentions are what give them their push. They are what actually create; they are the building blocks to creating physical matter. 

Just as emotion is the building blocks to matter, love is the founding vibration behind all positive emotions. When we’re able to live from a place of love we send those vibrations into everything we think, speak, and do. Regardless of whether or not we’re sending out conscious intentions, our life will begin to take on a cadence that is in unison with our deepest desires.

The way to bring love into your life is to realize that it’s already there, but that it’s just beneath the surface. The key is to expose it, to open yourself up to the world, and to love everything and everyone unconditionally. Of course for most of us this is a tall order; especially with the current state of global consciousness. But the key is to take baby steps. If you can attempt to bring a little bit more love into your life on a day to day basis, in a matter of months you’ll notice your life take on a pace you never thought possible.

One great way to bring love into your life is to simply repeat to yourself over and over again: “Love, love, love,” and try to feel that emotion for everything you see and everyone you come into contact with.

Another great way to get in touch with it is through nature, and especially through animals. It’s not hard to feel love for an animal, or to feel the joy of a beautiful sunset. So the key is to get into that feeling state of love as much as possible. Once you become more adept at feeling that love for easy things like animals and nature, you’ll be able to expand outward and apply it to more difficult things like human beings.

As with all things, your abilities will grow with practice. But stick with it!

Not only will love turn you into a very powerful creator, but it will make your life easier and more enjoyable at the same time. After all, it’s no mistake that statements like: “All you need is love” resonates with so many people.

The solution to every problem can be found with love.

And it’s the solution to the law of attraction as well.

So, in a nut shell:  

The Law of Attraction = love in action – and in this universe, love is all there is!

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