The Law of Attraction: Has it Got a Purpose Beyond Attracting Money?

The Law of Attraction and the Meaning of Life

Many of us are initially motivated "using" the law of attraction to bring more money into our life.

Of course, if we are struggling with money and abundance issues, we are going to focus on it and try to find "solutions" to our money problems.

Naturally, when we are in that state, it is difficult to have the perspective that when we experience such problems, we have created it somewhere in our consciousness and now are "enjoying" ;) it's manifestation.

And it's not easy to sit back and ponder the meaning of such events and perhaps suffering as having a higher purpose. We just want to stop the pain and suffering!

Whether we like it or not, every event in our life we have created or attracted, and has a meaning. And we need to learn and grow from it.

A difficult concept to grasp for many, I know.

Some time ago I published an article in Ezine Articles which tries to explain this concept.

Here it is:

The Law of Attraction and the Meaning of Life
By Constantine Xanthos

Most people would agree that the victories and struggles we go through in our lives serve some sort of purpose. Some teachers tell us that the meaning of life is to learn; that the earth is a school of some sort and we have to pay attention to the lessons that come to us. Others say that we're here strictly to experience; that we already know everything but we are here to encounter those things experientially. Most agree however that growth, in whatever form, is a central tenet to the purpose of life.

We can all attest that life seems to give us the exact challenges we need at the exact time we need them. It's almost as if there's a higher power that knows exactly how to push our buttons and reveal our weaknesses. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the circumstances that come into your life, and smile at the perfect situations that push you to grow.

When considering life from a purely rational perspective most would agree that it's a process of growth and development, and the law of attraction fits perfectly into that theory. From this perspective the law of attraction acts like a magnet that attracts to us the exact situations we need for our optimal growth. We might compare it to being lost in a forest with a beautiful meadow on the other side. Within the forest there are markers on the trees that point the way out. Either we follow these markers, or we don't; either way we have license to do exactly as we choose.

When we follow the markers and pay attention to what they are telling us our trip through the forest is a lot easier; many times even enjoyable. We listen to what we're attracting, act accordingly, and ascend to new heights of living with great views, amazing heights, and feelings of oneness with the all. When we ignore the signs our journey becomes strewn with calamity. We get more and more lost, and we sink deeper into the darker corners of the forest and lose ourselves in the shadows.

The signs on the trees, of course, are the situations, people, and circumstances that we have attracted into our lives. How difficult or easy the journey is depends completely on us. The more we allow ourselves to sink into the depths of the forest the more the signs are going to slap us in the face and say: "Wake up! Look at what you're creating. There is another way!"

When we follow the signs we realize that we are responsible for what we attract. We can then consciously create the trails that lead to the more spectacular parts of the forest. Life, in turn, will then give us new challenges to bring us to even bigger heights. Not unlike the self improvement of someone who hikes a mountain to get to a gorgeous view, the process challenges us, makes us grow to surmount it, and then rewards us in the end.

Say what you will about the meaning of life. Are we here just as god's entertainment? Or are we here to grow, experience, evolve, and develop? Of course, no one knows. But the law of attraction seems to point to the latter. It is a self-sustaining system that shows us that we have control over how it unfolds. We create what we experience and we grow from it- An elegant system indeed!

The secret, of course, is to take the reins and guide your life in the direction of your choosing, and to accept the challenges as gifts which will help you to grow. When you do that, the meaning of life is what you make of it, and the law of attraction becomes the ideal tool to create your life exactly as you have always wanted.

Everything you attract to yourself has purpose. You might even call it a "higher purpose," and when considering the larger whole, that purpose is always good. To learn more about the law of attraction and how you can use it to control your journey, CLICK HERE

Or, go to

Thanks for reading!

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It really is all about taking responsibility and stop blaming circumstances and other people for our "experiences" in life. This applies to both our challenges and our times of "bliss."

Empowering and responsible questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I choosing to create in my life?
  • How does it manifest?
  • What am I learning from it?
  • How does that help me grow?
  • What is the next step forward?

So next time you are experiencing a challenge or a bliss-full moment, take a moment and ask yourself the above questions. Then, listen with your heart.


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