The Law of Attraction: De-Clutter Your Life to Receive

Do you want the Law of Attraction to draw your heart's desire into your life?

Then make room to receive!

Science tells us that no two physical objects can exist in the same place at the same time. 

The universal laws are orderly and do not – ever – contradict their essential principles.

That is why even if you work yourself up into a frenzy to attract that new car into your life, if your garage is so cluttered and packed to the ceiling with junk that nothing else will fit in there, it is very unlikely that you going to attract that new shining car! 

The universe cannot give you something when you do not have the space or capacity to receive it.

Now, we should not for one moment think this is only true of tangible and material things, like, in this case, a car. We can also create clutter in our lives by the way we fill it with meaningless activity, not-so-positive people and waste our precious time. 

Clearing out the garage or other physical space is relatively easy to do. Emotional or mental clutter in your life, on the other hand, requires a little more effort to achieve. 

So lets be clear: Clutter of any type, whether physical, emotional or mental, will block or interrupt the flow of positive energy. 

Some people who argue or complain that the Law of Attraction does not work (impossible to not work!) have a tendency to, consciously or unconsciously, block or interrupt the flow with their physical, emotional or mental clutter. It interferes with their attempts at deliberate creation.

It's as if the universe is willing to deliver your hearts desire but when it tries to deliver, it can't fit it into your premises – into your space – as there is no room, or you don't even answer the door. You then feel that your desires are not met, once again! More proof that the Law of Attraction does not work. 

But you don't yet realize that the universe is waiting for you to make room in your life to receive. 

Your desires, your goals, your intentions need a place where they can manifest fully and with no interference. 

So, it is time to take stock.

Be honest with yourself: 

  • Where is the physical clutter in your life?
  • Where and what is the emotional clutter in your life?
  • Where and what is the mental clutter in your life? 

For example: If you are anxious and worried about money, the problem may not be with how much you earn, but with your relationship to and attitude and feelings towards money. Emotional and mental clutter.

You may be using spending and buying to fill emotional gaps or to prove and show your success to others or yourself. (More emotional and mental clutter!) In the process you spend more than you earn and then want and expect the universe to help you pay your bills. 

Not likely to happen!

You need to first clear your negative and mostly unconscious beliefs and patterns about money and whatever money means to you. 

When you begin to see that abundance as something other than a figure in your bank account, then it becomes possible to open to the potential to receive from the universe. 

If you are constantly late making payments, the universe will not extend the time to override your deadlines. You may receive extensions, but obviously not permanent ones – bankruptcy excluded, but there is a price for this. You will more likely receive reminders and perhaps even threats from your creditors instead! 

OK, lets now look at how you approach your day, or even your life…

When you take on too much because you are not willing or too afraid to say "no," you envelope yourself with negative energy. 

Or you may be late or procrastinate in doing something because you really don't want to do it, so your subconscious will provide you with all the opportunities and excuses to be late or procrastinate. More negative energy.

So you begin to realise that, "With all this negative energy I'm creating around me, no wonder that nothing seems to work for me!" Hmmm…

What to do?

Begin to de-clutter!

Schedule some quite time to think about your commitments, priorities and activities. 

Analyze and identify your resistance, whether physical, emotional or mental – your clutter – and find ways of clearing them. 

And as you de-clutter, whether physical, emotional and mental junk – or all three -,you will begin to create room and attract more valuable things into your life. 

Be clear though. What you receive may not always be in money.

It may come in other, perhaps non-material things, which give you a deeper sense of life contentment and joy.

So begin to look around your physical, emotional and mental environment.

Where to start clearing?

Perhaps you may consider reclaiming your back porch from being a dumping or storage space and create a quiet, peaceful and comfortable place to relax and contemplate life. 

Who knows? You may find your porch turning into a beautiful area filled with plants as the universe provides you with a new interest in flowers. It feels so good being there, as you tend your plants, and you find yourself at peace, and you think positive and loving thoughts. It's just that sort of place now! 

Perhaps you may now consider ceasing that very long commute to your work at a stressful job and take a position closer to home. It may be less pay, but watch what happens! 

All of a sudden you create more space and time in your life to spend time with your partner and children, attract a new mate, find a new hobby, and perhaps turn that hobby into an income producing one. You may find time now to do some volunteer work, you know… to give back to the universe that supports you so well! Gratitude is a very powerful force for working with the law of attraction!

So, go ahead, start clearing and create space to receive. The blessing will be countless!

Discover how to deliberately de-clutter and consciously utilize the Law of Attraction to create miracles in your life. Check out The 11 Forgotten Laws program, risk free! 


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