The Law of Attraction – How It Works And Why It Might Not Be Working For You

The Law of Attraction is the primary law discussed in the sensational book and movie The Secret, which first became a hit on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Basically it is the universal law that works to create whatever a person focuses on.

Many people are curious but they would like to know how it works, they desire some scientific proof.
Well, quantum physics gives us a clue as to what’s really happening when we employ The Secret or the Law of Attraction.
Quantum physics has discovered that the world that we see with the naked eye is in fact an illusion.
It’s not that a solid is not a solid or that a liquid is not a liquid, but the fact is that at their core “being” both materials are simply a porous energy field, that energy field being filled with waves and particles. And even more shocking is the fact that all the energy fields or matter are linked together. Crazy cool!
What we see with the naked eye is not reality. These energy fields, any energy field, can be changed by simple human thought power. This wisdom has been talked about by saints, sages, and mystics for eons and it finally being confirmed by science.
How do you believe that Jesus was able to walk on water? He changed his body’s energy field with his thoughts, that’s how. How do some Buddhist monks sit in sub-zero temperatures naked for hours without getting frost bite? They have mastered their minds, their breathing and their bodies to become impervious to cold. How does the person with nothing going for them in life suddenly transform their life and become a great success? It starts in their mind. All of these things are done first in the mind.
Your mind can be your greatest enemy or your best friend.
If you let your mind wander all over the place then your mind is actually your master and you are not really in control. How do you think advertiser’s get inside of our heads every day? They do it skilfully by repeatedly implanting their messages in our minds while we sleep walk through life.
Well, we can do the exact same thing but implant whatever we want inside of us, not what the advertisers want.
The problem with the Law of Attraction isn’t the Law of Attraction. It’s that The Secret, that popular book and movie are simply incomplete.
It’s not inaccurate, that’s not why it doesn’t work, but it is incomplete.
Most people, if not all people, need more detailed information in order to make it truly work in the way that it’s meant to. And, most of us have serious stumbling blocks that need to be overcome.
For everyone who understands and believes that these principles work but hasn’t gotten the results that they desire there is a course that fills in all the missing gaps of knowledge.
It’s called The 11 Forgotten Laws and it was constructed by a man who’s been living these laws for many, many years. His name is Bob Proctor and he is one of the most well-known life coaches in the world.
His program is the missing link to making The Law of Attraction work like it’s supposed to and it will help anyone and everyone fix the mistakes that they’re been making so that the results they’re after finally become a reality. As the Bible says — “For where your treasure is, there will your ‘mind’ be also.”

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