The 11 Forgotten Laws: What Are These Forgotten Laws?

The 11 forgotten laws are natural and universal laws. Everyone one of us – without exception – and whether we know them or accept them, or not – is governed by these laws.

We cannot escape them and we should note that universal and natural laws do not take a break!

By understanding these laws and consciously (and unconsciously!) aligning and working with them, we can all finally experience what we are all after in the first place- peace, joy and abundance.

So what are these forgotten laws?

1. The Law of Thinking – teaches us that we become what we think about most.

2. The Law of Supply – teaches us that it is natural to want more, and it’s perfectly ok for us to want more because it’s our nature.

3. The Law of Attraction – teaches us that we attract to ourselves what we put into the world with our thoughts, feelings and actions – whether conscious or unconscious.

4. The Law of Receiving – teaches us the importance of cultivating our ability to graciously allow something to come to us.

5. The Law of Increase – teaches us that it is by giving more, allows us to receive more.

6. The Law of Compensation – teaches us that we get what we give, so to give value means to get value.

7. The Law of Non-Resistance – teaches us about allowing the present moment to be as it is without internal resistance or judgment about it.  Remember that what we resist, persists! It’s all about recognizing that everything that happens to us is about learning and feedback! It's not about being punished!

8. The Law of Forgiveness – teaches us about how essential it is to free our vital energy that may be locked up in feeling like a victim, blame or resentment.

9. The Law of Sacrifice – teaches us that everything has a price. Willingness to pay the price is the only way to achieve what we desire. It’s really all about priorities and creating the space or capacity to receive.

10. The Law of Obedience – teaches us that if we work with the laws, they will work with us. Resist them, and they will work against us.

11. The Law of Success – teaches us that if we do more positive things than negative things, then success will be the result.

These laws teach us to take responsibility for our lives and for the results we experience in our lives. They teach us that we create our reality, every moment, with every breath, by our every thought, feeling and action.

Here is the thing: If more of us could see the validity of these important laws and strive to live by them, our life can and will change for the better.

And more importantly, by changing our lives for the better, we contribute to others and to the world changing for the better.

If more of us could work with these forgotten laws, we would all get what we are going for, and the whole world could finally live in peace, joy and abundance.

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