The 11 Forgotten Laws – Why It’s Exactly What The World Needs — Right Now!

Doesn’t it seem like the world is stuck in a giant, brooding malaise right now? Everywhere we look, in the papers, on TV, we see it all around us – pure negativity. Unemployment is skyrocketing, people have lost big money in their  pension funds, many people are losing faith, and that is why a program like The  11 Forgotten Laws is needed now more than ever before.

It’s a fact that the Law of Attraction and “The Secret” just don’t seem to work for a  lot of people. If they did, the millions of people who have learned these principles  would have moved the economy into a state of limitless abundance by now –  despite the harsh recession. 

Why aren’t these principles seemingly working right now?

World renowned life coaches Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey know why.
How do they know?
Because they’re life-long experts in the science of deliberate manifestation and have been teaching the great universal laws for generations. They realize that the way the Law of Attraction and The Secret have been diluted and even mangled (on Youtube and in the movie) is the real reason why they’re not apparently working for most people.

Limited non-abundant thinking is the real reason that we’re in this crazy mess of a recession right now. People wallow in negativity and have lost faith. They let their minds control them. Little do they know that if they simply got control of their minds it wouldn’t matter one bit that there’s a huge recession going on right now – at least for them. People with the correct mindset flourish in any environment. 

So many people just don’t seem to get it. These are unbreakable natural laws of the universe. They work and are working all around us every day. Again, the problem is that even though people may understand the principles, they have been taught methods that are incomplete. 

Here’s an example of this in action.

Somebody can read a couple of chapters about and even understand the principles of auto mechanics. But, do you think most of them would be able to successfully complete most auto repairs?

Heck, no!

But, it’s not because they haven’t learned anything practical. It’s that people need very detailed and specific mentoring to make things work right. This is true in any area of life. 

And that’s where The 11 Forgotten Laws comes into play. It is this specific and detailed information regarding The Law of Attraction which makes it work, which actually brings us into abundance and gives us access to manifesting our inner desires. 

Of course nay-sayers abound. Some people regard this program as a scam to separate a fool from his money. But these people don’t fully understand the power of the mind. Or, perhaps they’ve tried inferior methods and failed, or maybe they’re just lazy and give up too soon. 

People like that will never change. You could lay the laws of the universe at their feet and they wouldn’t believe. Unfortunately that’s how some folks choose to live, buried in a world of doubt and fear.
And this why I have decided to share this information and this The Forgotten Laws Review with you. To help you make an informed decision how this program can help you harness and apply the true potential of these universal and natural laws.

You may not realize that originally The 11 Forgotten Laws was a physical product, containing something like 12 CDs and a ton of material. 

Well, in Bob Proctor’s wisdom, he realized that he needed to spread his message to a wider audience in order to begin to truly impact enough people to bring back real prosperity. That’s why the physical product has been transformed into a complete digital product, which you can download immediately. 

And not only that, he’s thrown in four amazing bonuses that you won’t even get with the physical product. Now has never been a better time to make the life changing decision to make the Law of Attraction actually work with The 11 Forgotten Laws

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