Can Mind Movies Make Using The Law of Attraction Affirmations More Powerful?

What is a Mind Movie?

It is a unique and personal audio-visual representation you create of the things you want to achieve, have and experience in your life. It is like a vision board on steroids!

It can help you tap into the power of the Law of Attraction more consciously and effectively.

We know from the law of attraction that by focusing on what you want to achieve and taking action, you should achieve it.

Of course, it also depends on the strength of your beliefs and your inner, or subconscious alignment. For more about dealing with our limiting beliefs and inner resistance, read my posts on Law of Attraction Affirmations Mastery and More Best Methods of Clearing Your Karma.

It is sad, but many of us do find it difficult to identify and visualize what exactly it is that we want.

And once we identified what we want, then what? How do we focus on it, regularly?

We know focus, and regular focus at that, is very important in deliberate creation.

Enter Mind Movies!

Ryan Higgins, of, had been trying hard to bring about changes in his life. He tried visualization and affirmations for some time, but not with huge success. Probably like many of us!

He wanted to make visualization fun and find a method that he could continue doing regularly, and enjoy doing it. Above all, he wanted a method to help him succeed.

One day, while searching the Internet, Ryan came up with the idea to make a movie on his computer of what he wanted his life to look and be like.

He created his movie. He watched his own unique and personal movie regularly, and within 3 months of watching, he had achieved everything in it.

Excited by his success, he wanted to share his idea with others who were struggling with the law of attraction and manifesting. So that they could achieve similar success as he did. The birth of the Mind Movies creation kit!

Where as when making vision boards we cut out images from magazines, stick them on a board and then have to remember to look at them a few times a day, Mind Movies use animated images, affirmations and music in a very unique way and all on your computer screen.

You don't have to plaster your walls or fridge with images. You can do it all on your computer screen and can take it with you on a laptop, if need be.

This is difficult to do with a full blown vision board!

In a nut shell, Mind Movies turbo-charge the vision board idea.

It's like a short YouTube video you create just for yourself, one you tailor to exactly how you want it. This is powerful stuff!

If you doubt their power, see what Bob Proctor, the creator of the 11 Forgotten Laws program and one of the key teachers in the movie The Secret says about them in this video:


The "secret sauce" of the law of attraction is to visualize your desires as if you already have them. You do this with Mind Movies in a much more powerful, personal, engaging, and importantly, emotional way.

Since it's a fun thing to do, you are more likely to take the time to create your movie, and more importantly, continue to watch it.

The movie creation kit makes it very simple to use. Even people who think have little computer skills can easily put their unique movie together. And more importantly, have fun doing it!

Next, CLICK HERE  and check out how easy Mind Movies are to make and how they can help you!



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Law of Attraction Affirmations Mastery: The Best Way to Use Affirmations Effectively

This article will discuss specific techniques for using law of attraction affirmations effectively.

Most people who have used affirmations can attest that the results that come with them are largely hit or miss – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

This is a common problem and it is because most affirmations demand too radical a change in a short period of time.

Affirmations, as we know them, do not allow for gradual change. They want to get you from point A to point Z in one fell swoop, and they may fail because their demands are simply too rigid.

The secret, of course, is to take gradual steps towards the mind-state that you wish to develop.

This is done with a series of affirmations that build upon each other.

For example, the affirmations that you are using today are the next logical step from the affirmations that you used last week. They are easy for the mind to believe, and they don’t coerce any kind of mental demand from your unconscious.

So let’s get started.

Here are some proven techniques that will allow you to go from your current mind beliefs into the mind beliefs that you want to manifest:

The first thing to realize is that you have to allow yourself to actually believe that affirmations can work for you.  

We know our doubts are the children of our limited beliefs. And we know that beliefs are only repeated thoughts and feelings.

So if you don’t believe that you can do something, what happens? Well, you can’t do it. It’s like the old saying goes: “Whether you believe you can or you can’t," either way you are right.

So the first affirmations I’m going to offer you are based on the word ALLOW.

The first step is to simply allow yourself to believe that law of attraction affirmations can work for you. Here are some great statements that will help you to achieve that dynamic of allowing:

"I now choose to allow myself to…."
"I am now allowing myself…"
"I am now giving myself permission to explore ways to…"
"I am now exploring ways to…"

By using language like this we reduce the strong negative reactions in our subconscious mind. We will feel less threatened by new affirmations that challenge our most guarded beliefs (whether they are conscious or unconscious).

In this way we work more with the “Law of Non-Resistance,” which is a central tenet of Bob Proctor’s “The 11 Forgotten Laws.”

The first step includes simply give yourself permission, permission to explore.

This dynamic seems to work better because you are only exploring, not necessarily committing; at least initially. When you bring this dynamic to your affirmations you will see that you relax about it and become more playful.

The next step is to add on to the affirmations as you see fit.

If you are trying to manifest money for example, you will need to eventually convince yourself that you are already rich. If you, like most people, have trouble with this notion, then you will first want to allow yourself the space to explore “having enough money to live on.”

After that, you can explore “having enough money to live on and to start saving.” After that, you can explore deeper meanings of wealth as you have defined it, and eventually you will be able to accept the affirmation of: “I am rich” or "I am abundant." 

Before starting out you should also go to a quite place and do a “dry-run” of your law of attraction affirmations that you would like to use and see how they sit with your mind.

Every thought has a feeling behind it, and if we are very still we can see how certain thoughts are REALLY received by our subconscious.

When you tell yourself that you are rich do you feel some resistance within you?

Do you feel a slight discomfort, or perhaps even some sadness surrounding the notion?

If you do, you’re experiencing resistance, and your ability to use that type of affirmation will be severely hindered because of it.

When you find out what you can and cannot accept, you can customize your affirmations with some of statements above to nurse them along.

Remember, when using affirmations you have to allow yourself the space to explore. Don’t force it; just let yourself merge with them at your own pace.

Being gentle with yourself is one of the greatest things you can do to achieve spiritual realization, and it is one of the main keys to using affirmations as well.

If you bring this philosophy into your practice you will find that you CAN get to your goal, you may just have to pace yourself to do it effectively.

Good luck with using law of attraction affirmations effectively and thanks for reading! 

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More on the Power of Gratitude

In the last article we talked about the power of appreciation and gratitude to really help us more consciously use the law of attraction to create the life that we want.

Let us not underestimate the power of appreciation and gratitude.

If you still have issues around appreciation and gratitude, if you don't yet get how powerful it is, then watch this inspiring video!

I am so appreciative and grateful for those who take the time and energy to create beautiful and uplifting videos such as this. I hope you are too!:)

Having an attitude of appreciation and gratitude raises our vibration. And remember, it's all about vibration when it comes to the law of attraction!

So, decide today that from now on you will go on a diet of appreciation and gratitude.

It will do wonders to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness and abundance!

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The Law of Attraction and the Power of Gratitude

Many of us first get interested in the law of attraction because we’re not happy with what we have. So we come to the teaching about the law with eager anticipation of what we can receive.

But a paradox is at work in the universe.

Before we can get what we desire we first must appreciate what we already have.

Ironically, that which leads us to the spiritual teaching in the first place is the very thing that must be overcome. 

The law of attraction teaches us that like attracts like. You attract to yourself the things that match your predominate mind state, your vibration.

If you’re predominately appreciative for the things that you already have, then the universe will give you more things to be thankful for.

On the other hand, if you’re disappointed or resentful with what you have, then it will have no other choice than to give you more things to complain about.

It is also important that we know and truly believe that we possess the capacity and power to create whatever we want. And one of the ways to express this knowing, this belief, is through showing gratitude. 

Gratitude, when given before you actually have what you desire, is like announcing to the universe: “I’m so positive I’m going to attract this that I’m thanking you in advance for it. Thank you, universe!” 

You see, just being gracious is an intention in of itself. Thanking the universe in advance is one of the ways masters can implement what is called “instant manifestation.”

Whether or not you believe this is possible makes little difference.

Whether you receive it instantly or in a month, or a year, the same laws are at work. Whenever a master intends to manifest an object instantaneously, he/she thanks the universe in advance; rather than doing what most people do, which is to ASK for it to occur.

So how can we bring more gratitude into our lives?

The best place to start is when you get up in the morning.

Reflect on those things that mean the most to you – your children, your partner, your car, your bed, your health, your pet, whatever – and focus on them until you feel a sense of appreciation.

Do this right when you wake up in the morning, or when you lay in bed at night. And when you do it, be sure to really feel the emotion; the stronger the appreciation the better. 

Soon you will be constantly on the lookout for things to appreciate. It could be when you're driving, walking, working, exercising, etc.  There are unlimited opportunities in your life and all around you.

If you find it hard to be gracious for the things that you already have, then perhaps you need to take a second look. When you look at your life honestly, and I mean really honestly, it’s not hard to be thankful. With this practice you may even find yourself becoming overwhelmingly appreciative.

There are plenty of good reasons to drop to your knees and say “THANK YOU!” to the universe. Really!

When it all boils down, life is all about perception. So, is your glass half full or half empty?

Make this your practice in the days and weeks to come. If you can truly feel that appreciation regularly, you’ll begin to see magic come into your life.

It truly is an amazing transformation! 

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More Best Methods for Clearing Your Karma

In the previous articles (here and here,) we discussed some techniques for clearing karma in order to become more effective with the law of attraction. This article will be the last installment of the series, and will give some further techniques for getting your karma back in good standing once and for all. 

The first method I would like to go over is often referred to as selfless service or random acts of kindness.

We all know that karma works on a give and take dynamic, basing the energy we put into the universe as the result that we will experience some time in the future. With this knowledge in hand we can start bringing our karma back into positive standing by serving others with little thought of reward. For a deeper understanding about the power and effects of kindness, please watch the following video:

There are many ways to perform acts of kindness – by volunteering at a children’s hospital, by joining the Peace Corps, or perhaps by even donating money to a charity that we feel passionate about. 

You can even send loving thoughts or loving energy to people, situations or places. Just by intentionally sending light and love like this, is a great form of service!

The secret is that you cannot do these things just to even out your karma. As they say, you cannot trick god, and the universe will know if you are doing these things simply to increase your power with the law of attraction.

The true essence of selfless service comes from the deep desire to actually do it. 

With that said, even if you start with selfish intentions there will come a time when you discover great joy in your giving. Your initial intentions will eventually evolve into true benevolence, and karma will start showing up in positive ways.

The interesting thing is, once you let go of your selfish desires the universe will reward you ten-fold. It is the paradox of life – let it go and it will come to you in abundance. 

The second technique I would like to discuss includes using light energy to clear your karma.

This is an offshoot of standard meditation or visualization and it requires you to use the violet flame, fire or light, which is also known as “Divine Grace.”

This technique creates more light in our energy bodies. It clears out our subconscious mind of any negativity which may be unconsciously attracting bad situations into our lives. It is really divine alchemy and grace in action and available to everyone who wants to raise their vibration. Watch the video for more information about it and how it may help you:


The method is simple yet extremely effective.

The first step is to ask your higher self to completely envelope and fill you with what is called the “Violet Light” or the "Violet Fire." Visualize it or sense it in your own way.

Then, you repeat a rhythmic decree such as the following or make up your own:

“Violet Fire, Violet Flame, cleanse and purify my subconscious of all darkness and negativity.”

Repeat this technique for five to ten minutes and try to practice it around three times a day. When you are finished, ask your higher self to wrap you in pink light to soothe you down.

This technique is also known as the “Great Cleanser.” Think about how Ultra-violet light is used on the physical plane and you will begin to understand the efficacy of this simple practice. 

Some final techniques for clearing and making the law of attraction more effective in your life include practicing sincere appreciation for all the things you have in your life.

Decide to go on a “gratitude diet.” It will create wonders in your life!

When you are appreciative for the positive things that you have you will attract more of it to you. More about gratitude in a future article.

You can also practice sincere humility which includes learning to accept things as they are without judgment, resistance or fear. You can practice accepting “what is” while recognizing that “what we resist, persists.”

You can read spiritual and uplifting texts, which will connect you to higher sources of wisdom and awaken you to new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Watch inspirational videos, listen to uplifting music, watch and appreciate nature. There are many ways in which you can lift your spirits and raise your vibrations, and most don't have to have a price attached to them.

If you can use these techniques in conjunction with the methods discussed in the other articles you will be on your way to using the law of attraction effectively.

You will see your life take on a cadence that you never thought possible, and you will attract new people and situations that reflect your new found consciousness.

The techniques listed within will even take you a step further, and help you achieve peace and fulfillment – which of course is what every human is naturally striving for.

So use these techniques and see what they will do for your life. With just a little commitment on your part you will see your life literally transform before your eyes – I guarantee it! 

For more clearing methods, CLICK HERE

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Maximize Using The Law of Attraction by Clearing Your Karma: More Techniques

In the last article we discussed why karma affects our using the law of attraction and how we can improve our karma with certain techniques and practices in the here and now. 

This article will give some more advice about clearing our karma and offer some great ways to keep it clear.

Our goal is to not only become effective with the law of attraction, but nurture our in-born peace and become happier as well. Fortunately when it comes to happiness and the law of attraction, you can’t have one without the other. 

The first technique I would like to discuss is called mindfulness.

According to most spiritual teachers, mindfulness is the single best way to raise our consciousness, clear our karma, and achieve enlightenment. 

Many, if not all religions teach mindfulness in one way or another. Zen Buddhism is concerned with nothing else, and teaches that attention is the “seed of enlightenment.” They teach that when your attention is completely on the present moment, no problem, suffering, or ego-based actions can exist within you. 

When you control your mind you control your life, and that goes with the law of attraction as well.

The practice of mindfulness gives us the freedom to smile upon our minds’ whims rather than become consumed by them. We achieve the clarity and insight to identify our karmic spirals, and we see the steps to change them for the better.

If you asked a Zen master what the three most important aspects of Zen are, he would likely say: “Attention, Attention, and Attention.”

The second technique I would like to offer you is the power of repentance.

Now, for some readers this word may conjure feelings of guilt or fear, but when we use it here we are speaking of the sincere emotion of apology; which unlike guilt or fear RELEASES negative emotions rather than creates them.

To apologize for your wrongdoings with a sincere heart is the first step to changing your ways.

It also tells the universe that you have learned your lesson, and that alone may be enough to contribute to wiping clean the negative karma that your actions may have produced.

The danger, of course, is when we hang on to the guilt and make it into a self-deprecating energy.

We do this because we feel that if we make ourselves suffer we will be forgiven.

But two wrongs never make a right, and all this does is cause more dysfunction and suffering both in your own life and in the world as a whole. 

The best thing to do is admit your wrongdoings, apologize for them, learn from them, and use them to make you into a better human being. If you can do that, karma will have served its purpose to raise your consciousness and therefore the collective consciousness as a whole.

The last technique I would like to discuss is hypnosis and regression.

This technique involves being placed under hypnosis so that you can return to earlier times in this life, or perhaps even past lives.

Occasionally we experience repetitive patterns in our lives that mindfulness or repentance can’t eradicate, and we have to dig deeper to find exactly what is holding us back. Hypnosis and regression allows us to identify some of the root causes of our repetitive patterns, and allows us to face them and heal them naturally. 

Many people say that simply knowing what happened in the past is enough to transmute the resulting dysfunctions, and past life regression has become one of the most popular ways to identify those karmic seeds that lay hidden in the shadows of our unconscious.

Whether you are using these techniques to maximize your potential with the law of attraction, or simply using them to get your karma back into good standing, doing so with a sincere heart will help you take leaps and bounds with your spiritual development.

For the most thorough explanation concerning the law of attraction, please take a minute to visit Bob Proctor’s website outlining his new product “The 11 Forgotten Laws.” If getting better with the law of attraction is something that you would like to experience in your life, this is the single best program available on the market. Please CLICK HERE to see it now. 

More clearing resources can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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Karma Clearing Techniques to Become More Effective with the Law of Attraction

We’ve all heard of the concept of karma. According to this universal rule we get back what we put into the world, be it good fortune for being a “good person,” or negative consequences for being “bad.”

Most people scoff at the concept, relegating it to serve as a joke to be used when something good or bad happens that cannot be explained.

But the concept of karma comes from a long lineage of spiritual masters from various traditions, and when we look deeply into our own lives we can see that it plays a huge role in creating the circumstances that we experience every day.

The most important thing about karma is that it plays a central role in the law of attraction.

Our ability to use the law of attraction, or our “pulling power” as I sometimes refer to it, depends largely upon where we are on the “karma scale.”

Simply put, the better our karma is the more we can attract our desires.

In the interest of becoming more effective with the law of attraction, this article will offer some time-tested techniques for bringing our karma back into good standing.

The first technique for clearing karma is meditation.

This is really the foundation to all other clearing techniques; it clears the decks and allows us to see very clearly where we need to go in life and why we may not be attracting what we desire.

When we meditate we align with our higher aspects and connect with our purpose. We tend to be less “harmful” towards ourselves and others, and we will be more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Meditation also allows us to dwell in that silent and still space where inspiration and creativity emerge, and to see our deeper purpose with more clarity and conviction.

When we meditate we can see our patterns and reduce the tendency to identify with the “reactive-victim” part of our egos. We become the observer, and we gain tremendous insight into what is holding us back with our own personal karma. We can hear the “voice of conscience,” and identify where we need to make amends and take right action.

The second technique is a little more obscure but when used with sincere intent it can be exceptionally effective. It involves using energy work to clear our energy systems and our subconscious of the seeds of karma that keep us locked into repetitive situations or self deprecating circles.

Spiritual masters will tell you that everything is vibrating because everything is energy. By using certain modalities such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Theta healing, Chakra clearing, Qigong, etc. we can transmute those low vibrating energies of remorse, guilt, hate, and anger into high vibrating energies like forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

Karma is linked to your vibrational frequency, and simply raising your consciousness in this way will transmute your karma and multiply your pulling power with the law of attraction.

The last technique I’d like to offer you includes sending loving thoughts to all sentient beings. 

All of us have hurt someone, whether in this life or in a past life. And those effects span through the entire universe, linking everyone and everything, and affecting all the individuations of the whole.

We may have hurt thousands of people on our journey, but how can we redeem what we can’t remember?

The trick is to simply send loving light to all beings in the universe.

Start the process by going into a quite space where you will not be disturbed by ringing telephones or knocks on the door. Get into a meditative state and ask your higher self, the universe, or god (whatever terminology you are most comfortable with) for forgiveness for all the beings that you have caused harm to.

Then, after you have experienced the true emotion of deep atonement, send forgiveness to all those beings that have caused you harm.

Focus on this practice for as long as feels comfortable, and send compassionate light from your heart to all beings and to the universe as a whole. 

If you do these exercises with sincerity you will be amazed with your new-found abilities with the law of attraction.

You will also be amazed at how much peace you will find in your heart.

You will be like a child again; innocent, sincere, compassionate, and excited to be alive.

Yes, these techniques are THAT powerful! So please use them and see what they can do for your life. 

For more clearing tools CLICK HERE!

Thank you for reading! 


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Bob Proctor on Money

Continuing our discussion on the law of attraction money connection, here is a wonderful short video by Bob Proctor.

He is one of the main teachers appearing in The Secret and author of The 11 Forgotten Laws program, a program which I highly recommend to all my clients who want to understand and consciously apply the law of attraction in their lives.

Digest what he has to say about money.



Hope you enjoyed Bob Proctor's presentation about the law of attraction money dynamic.

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The Law of Attraction Money Connection

The Connection Between the Law of Attraction and Money

Continuing the thread of my Law of Attraction Money Tips  article on this site, I found the following very well written and informative article to further explore the law of attraction and money. Read, learn, apply and enjoy!


The Connection Between the Law of Attraction and Money
By Michael S Parker

The law of attraction is a very powerful law. This law affects every experience we ever have and it affects the amount of joy we experience throughout our lifetimes. If you would like to create the life you have always dreamed about living, you need to understand the connection between the law of attraction and money.

There is a very strong connection between the law of attraction and money. This law operates through the use of advanced harmonics. As modern day physics confirms, this Universe consists of waves of energy that are vibrating at specific frequencies.

You too are vibrating at a specific frequency. The way you feel is an indicator of this vibration. And since like attracts like, you are always attracting people, things, experiences, places, etc. that match the way you feel. In fact, the way you feel is always a perfect vibrational match to the experiences you are currently living.

When you think about money specifically, you either feel positive emotions, negative emotions, or you feel neutral on the subject. Since the way you feel is your point of attraction, the way you feel when you think about money is your point of attraction for money.

If you experience positive emotions when you think about money, you are currently moving to a place that you will find to be more desirable than where you currently are surrounding the topic of money. On the other hand, if you currently have negative thoughts surrounding the topic of money, you are moving in a direction that you will find to be less desirable than where you currently are. Also, if you are simply neutral on the subject, which means you do not feel positive or negative emotions when you think about the subject, you are going to be exactly where you are now in reference to money in the future.

As you can see, you have absolute control over the amount of prosperity that flows into your life. Many people are realizing that they are deliberate creators today. A deliberate creator is simply a person who selects what they give their attention to on purpose rather than by default. Many people just take the experiences they are given each day and accept them for what they are. Most people also just give thoughts in response to their experiences as well.

What these people do not realize is that the Universe around them is actually responding to the way they view the Universe. When they have positive experiences, they have positive thoughts, and when they have negative experiences, they have negative thoughts. This process seems very natural to them, but they do not understand that they can simply turn their thoughts towards positive directions and then start to experience many positive experiences as a result.

If you would like to create more positive experiences surrounding the topic of money, you just need to start filling your mind with positive thoughts about money. You can tell whether a thought is positive or negative by viewing the way you feel when you think a thought. If you feel positive emotions like joy or excitement when you think a thought about money, you can be certain that you are moving towards positive experiences surrounding money.

The more you do this the better it works too. If you only take half of your time to deliberately focus on good feeling thoughts surrounding money, you will improve your experience, but not nearly as much as you would improve it if you gave even more attention to positive thoughts surrounding money.

In order to change your point of attraction for money to a better place, you need to change the way you feel when you think about money. If you can adjust the way you feel when you think about money, you can change all of the experiences you have with money.

To get started with this process, simply start imagining what your life would be like if you had an abundance of money. What would your life be like if you had tons of cash in your bank account? What would your life be like if you constantly received large checks in the mail? What would your life be like if you had plenty of money to spend everywhere you go?

As you think about these thoughts, you will likely instantly notice an improvement in the way you feel. Good feeling positive emotions are the first indicators that the world around you is changing. Since your point of attraction is the way you feel too, you can be certain that you are attracting good feeling experiences into your life when you are thinking these good feeling thoughts. Once you start changing the thoughts you have surrounding money on purpose, you will gain control over the connection between the law of attraction and money.

If you would like to learn more about the law of attraction, visit this website

Article Source:

I hope you enjoyed this article on the law of attraction money connection by Michael S. Parker. It seems an important issue for many people who would like to use the law of attraction more deliberately to heal their money issues. 


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Law of Attraction Money Tips

Using the law of attraction for money is probably the main reason most people are drawn to the law of attraction in the first place. They are drawn by the claims (sometimes over-hyped!) that it teaches us how to attract money into our lives.

Unfortunately, for most of us, more money ends up to be the most difficult thing to manifest. 
Even for those of us who diligently apply the principles of the law of attraction, the money just doesn’t seem to manifest. This can be enormously frustrating in the face of all the promises made by those promoting the law of attraction teachings and products.

So, how come it is so difficult to attract money? What can we do to start manifesting some abundance into our lives?

Here are 3 law of attraction money tips:

Law of Attraction Money Tip 1: Let Money Flow

I’m sure that you are all familiar with the belief that: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Excellent advice for the conventional approach to creating wealth. But when applied to the law of attraction, thrifty-ness may actually block money from coming to us.

If you can imagine it like a circle of energy. If any part of the circle is squeezed, it slows or stops the flow to the rest of the circle. When we hold our money too tightly, it puts a kink in the flow, and it prevents wealth from manifesting into our reality.
So when you spend affirm that what you spend or use, will flow back to you easily and effortlessly. Get into the habit of not spending your money with anger, fear and resentment. Bless the money you spend. Fill it with positive and loving thoughts, feelings and energy instead.

Law of Attraction Money Tip 2: Get clear about money

Clear your feelings and beliefs around money.
For example, if we often think of people who have money as “filthy rich,” then we have an issue that needs to be cleared. The world “filthy” indicates our emotions about money. We probably think it’s dirty, bad, and disgusting-something to be ashamed of.

One of the roots of this belief may be found in spirituality. Many spiritual teachings tell us that greed prevents our spiritual development.

That’s true in one sense. However, this contradicts the new teachings (such as the law of attraction) that states that abundance is our birthright. How do we reconcile this contradiction?

Firstly, it is important to examine the difference.

Simple, really.

The difference between greed and abundance is determined by what we do with our money once we have it. If we exploit, abuse others or use questionable means to get money, and then hold on to it with selfish motives, then yes, that would certainly be unspiritual.

On the other hand, if we allow the energy to flow freely through us, and help others with our wealth, as well as using it to further our creativity, joy and wellness, then it can be called abundance.

It’s because of these opposing views that many of us struggle with our feelings about and relationship to money. So, how do you feel about money, really?

Law of Attraction Money Tip 3: I deserve abundance

Too many of us don’t feel that we deserve to have wealth. 

This belief can be conscious but is mostly an unconscious one. But this alone can block money from flowing to us; even when we try our hardest applying the law of attraction money principles.

The key to this is to uncover our deep (mostly unconscious) thoughts and feelings about money and heal the negative emotions and beliefs surrounding them.
Maybe our parents said things like: “Our family has never been rich.” Statements like these can have deep and devastating effects on our unconscious feelings about money. They tend to create invisible barriers and ceilings around wealth and money. And worse, these are especially difficult to release if they’ve been there since our early years.

The solution is deep understanding through self-reflection, self-honesty, and a conscious attempt to find ways to replace our negative thoughts and feelings about money with positive ones.

When it comes to the law of attraction money connection, there are many unconscious factors that determine our success using the law of attraction to manifest more money in our life. If you’re experiencing difficulties with the law of attraction and money, I strongly recommend Bob Proctor’s The 11 Forgotten Laws program. 

To your abundance! 
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