More Best Methods for Clearing Your Karma

In the previous articles (here and here,) we discussed some techniques for clearing karma in order to become more effective with the law of attraction. This article will be the last installment of the series, and will give some further techniques for getting your karma back in good standing once and for all. 

The first method I would like to go over is often referred to as selfless service or random acts of kindness.

We all know that karma works on a give and take dynamic, basing the energy we put into the universe as the result that we will experience some time in the future. With this knowledge in hand we can start bringing our karma back into positive standing by serving others with little thought of reward. For a deeper understanding about the power and effects of kindness, please watch the following video:

There are many ways to perform acts of kindness – by volunteering at a children’s hospital, by joining the Peace Corps, or perhaps by even donating money to a charity that we feel passionate about. 

You can even send loving thoughts or loving energy to people, situations or places. Just by intentionally sending light and love like this, is a great form of service!

The secret is that you cannot do these things just to even out your karma. As they say, you cannot trick god, and the universe will know if you are doing these things simply to increase your power with the law of attraction.

The true essence of selfless service comes from the deep desire to actually do it. 

With that said, even if you start with selfish intentions there will come a time when you discover great joy in your giving. Your initial intentions will eventually evolve into true benevolence, and karma will start showing up in positive ways.

The interesting thing is, once you let go of your selfish desires the universe will reward you ten-fold. It is the paradox of life – let it go and it will come to you in abundance. 

The second technique I would like to discuss includes using light energy to clear your karma.

This is an offshoot of standard meditation or visualization and it requires you to use the violet flame, fire or light, which is also known as “Divine Grace.”

This technique creates more light in our energy bodies. It clears out our subconscious mind of any negativity which may be unconsciously attracting bad situations into our lives. It is really divine alchemy and grace in action and available to everyone who wants to raise their vibration. Watch the video for more information about it and how it may help you:


The method is simple yet extremely effective.

The first step is to ask your higher self to completely envelope and fill you with what is called the “Violet Light” or the "Violet Fire." Visualize it or sense it in your own way.

Then, you repeat a rhythmic decree such as the following or make up your own:

“Violet Fire, Violet Flame, cleanse and purify my subconscious of all darkness and negativity.”

Repeat this technique for five to ten minutes and try to practice it around three times a day. When you are finished, ask your higher self to wrap you in pink light to soothe you down.

This technique is also known as the “Great Cleanser.” Think about how Ultra-violet light is used on the physical plane and you will begin to understand the efficacy of this simple practice. 

Some final techniques for clearing and making the law of attraction more effective in your life include practicing sincere appreciation for all the things you have in your life.

Decide to go on a “gratitude diet.” It will create wonders in your life!

When you are appreciative for the positive things that you have you will attract more of it to you. More about gratitude in a future article.

You can also practice sincere humility which includes learning to accept things as they are without judgment, resistance or fear. You can practice accepting “what is” while recognizing that “what we resist, persists.”

You can read spiritual and uplifting texts, which will connect you to higher sources of wisdom and awaken you to new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Watch inspirational videos, listen to uplifting music, watch and appreciate nature. There are many ways in which you can lift your spirits and raise your vibrations, and most don't have to have a price attached to them.

If you can use these techniques in conjunction with the methods discussed in the other articles you will be on your way to using the law of attraction effectively.

You will see your life take on a cadence that you never thought possible, and you will attract new people and situations that reflect your new found consciousness.

The techniques listed within will even take you a step further, and help you achieve peace and fulfillment – which of course is what every human is naturally striving for.

So use these techniques and see what they will do for your life. With just a little commitment on your part you will see your life literally transform before your eyes – I guarantee it! 

For more clearing methods, CLICK HERE

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