Maximize Using The Law of Attraction by Clearing Your Karma: More Techniques

In the last article we discussed why karma affects our using the law of attraction and how we can improve our karma with certain techniques and practices in the here and now. 

This article will give some more advice about clearing our karma and offer some great ways to keep it clear.

Our goal is to not only become effective with the law of attraction, but nurture our in-born peace and become happier as well. Fortunately when it comes to happiness and the law of attraction, you can’t have one without the other. 

The first technique I would like to discuss is called mindfulness.

According to most spiritual teachers, mindfulness is the single best way to raise our consciousness, clear our karma, and achieve enlightenment. 

Many, if not all religions teach mindfulness in one way or another. Zen Buddhism is concerned with nothing else, and teaches that attention is the “seed of enlightenment.” They teach that when your attention is completely on the present moment, no problem, suffering, or ego-based actions can exist within you. 

When you control your mind you control your life, and that goes with the law of attraction as well.

The practice of mindfulness gives us the freedom to smile upon our minds’ whims rather than become consumed by them. We achieve the clarity and insight to identify our karmic spirals, and we see the steps to change them for the better.

If you asked a Zen master what the three most important aspects of Zen are, he would likely say: “Attention, Attention, and Attention.”

The second technique I would like to offer you is the power of repentance.

Now, for some readers this word may conjure feelings of guilt or fear, but when we use it here we are speaking of the sincere emotion of apology; which unlike guilt or fear RELEASES negative emotions rather than creates them.

To apologize for your wrongdoings with a sincere heart is the first step to changing your ways.

It also tells the universe that you have learned your lesson, and that alone may be enough to contribute to wiping clean the negative karma that your actions may have produced.

The danger, of course, is when we hang on to the guilt and make it into a self-deprecating energy.

We do this because we feel that if we make ourselves suffer we will be forgiven.

But two wrongs never make a right, and all this does is cause more dysfunction and suffering both in your own life and in the world as a whole. 

The best thing to do is admit your wrongdoings, apologize for them, learn from them, and use them to make you into a better human being. If you can do that, karma will have served its purpose to raise your consciousness and therefore the collective consciousness as a whole.

The last technique I would like to discuss is hypnosis and regression.

This technique involves being placed under hypnosis so that you can return to earlier times in this life, or perhaps even past lives.

Occasionally we experience repetitive patterns in our lives that mindfulness or repentance can’t eradicate, and we have to dig deeper to find exactly what is holding us back. Hypnosis and regression allows us to identify some of the root causes of our repetitive patterns, and allows us to face them and heal them naturally. 

Many people say that simply knowing what happened in the past is enough to transmute the resulting dysfunctions, and past life regression has become one of the most popular ways to identify those karmic seeds that lay hidden in the shadows of our unconscious.

Whether you are using these techniques to maximize your potential with the law of attraction, or simply using them to get your karma back into good standing, doing so with a sincere heart will help you take leaps and bounds with your spiritual development.

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More clearing resources can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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