Karma Clearing Techniques to Become More Effective with the Law of Attraction

We’ve all heard of the concept of karma. According to this universal rule we get back what we put into the world, be it good fortune for being a “good person,” or negative consequences for being “bad.”

Most people scoff at the concept, relegating it to serve as a joke to be used when something good or bad happens that cannot be explained.

But the concept of karma comes from a long lineage of spiritual masters from various traditions, and when we look deeply into our own lives we can see that it plays a huge role in creating the circumstances that we experience every day.

The most important thing about karma is that it plays a central role in the law of attraction.

Our ability to use the law of attraction, or our “pulling power” as I sometimes refer to it, depends largely upon where we are on the “karma scale.”

Simply put, the better our karma is the more we can attract our desires.

In the interest of becoming more effective with the law of attraction, this article will offer some time-tested techniques for bringing our karma back into good standing.

The first technique for clearing karma is meditation.

This is really the foundation to all other clearing techniques; it clears the decks and allows us to see very clearly where we need to go in life and why we may not be attracting what we desire.

When we meditate we align with our higher aspects and connect with our purpose. We tend to be less “harmful” towards ourselves and others, and we will be more mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Meditation also allows us to dwell in that silent and still space where inspiration and creativity emerge, and to see our deeper purpose with more clarity and conviction.

When we meditate we can see our patterns and reduce the tendency to identify with the “reactive-victim” part of our egos. We become the observer, and we gain tremendous insight into what is holding us back with our own personal karma. We can hear the “voice of conscience,” and identify where we need to make amends and take right action.

The second technique is a little more obscure but when used with sincere intent it can be exceptionally effective. It involves using energy work to clear our energy systems and our subconscious of the seeds of karma that keep us locked into repetitive situations or self deprecating circles.

Spiritual masters will tell you that everything is vibrating because everything is energy. By using certain modalities such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Theta healing, Chakra clearing, Qigong, etc. we can transmute those low vibrating energies of remorse, guilt, hate, and anger into high vibrating energies like forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

Karma is linked to your vibrational frequency, and simply raising your consciousness in this way will transmute your karma and multiply your pulling power with the law of attraction.

The last technique I’d like to offer you includes sending loving thoughts to all sentient beings. 

All of us have hurt someone, whether in this life or in a past life. And those effects span through the entire universe, linking everyone and everything, and affecting all the individuations of the whole.

We may have hurt thousands of people on our journey, but how can we redeem what we can’t remember?

The trick is to simply send loving light to all beings in the universe.

Start the process by going into a quite space where you will not be disturbed by ringing telephones or knocks on the door. Get into a meditative state and ask your higher self, the universe, or god (whatever terminology you are most comfortable with) for forgiveness for all the beings that you have caused harm to.

Then, after you have experienced the true emotion of deep atonement, send forgiveness to all those beings that have caused you harm.

Focus on this practice for as long as feels comfortable, and send compassionate light from your heart to all beings and to the universe as a whole. 

If you do these exercises with sincerity you will be amazed with your new-found abilities with the law of attraction.

You will also be amazed at how much peace you will find in your heart.

You will be like a child again; innocent, sincere, compassionate, and excited to be alive.

Yes, these techniques are THAT powerful! So please use them and see what they can do for your life. 

For more clearing tools CLICK HERE!

Thank you for reading! 


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