How to Find Love and Maintain Healthy Relationships with the Law of Attraction


With romantic love being such a universally sought after experience, many clients ask me how they can use the law of attraction to attract more love into their lives. They ask if the law of attraction can actually help people like them find the right person and nurture a loving partnership.
The answer to these questions is YES!
The law of attraction can certainly assist you in finding love. In fact, anytime anyone finds love it’s because of the law of attraction.
The secret to finding the man or woman of your dreams is to know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. If you send out mixed signals to the universe, it’s going to give the exact same thing back to you- mixed results.
So really think about it. What type of man/woman do you want?
Once you have that image in your head, stick with it. Imagine how good it will feel to be with that person, and really feel the love that you’re eagerly waiting to pour into them. If you can intend it with sincere emotion and belief, in no time at all you will have the person of your dreams.
Once you’re in a loving relationship, the key to keeping it healthy is to accept your partner exactly the way they are.
Many times when we get into a relationship we suddenly make it our business to fix those things which we see as unworthy in our mate. We may do this with underhanded comments and hints, or we may even tell them up front that they can or cannot do certain things or be certain ways.
The key to loving a person, really loving them, is to accept, not expect.
This dovetails into the second point, which is to let go.
This is a central precept to all spiritual teachings, and it applies to romantic relationships as well. When you try to bind something or make it a certain way its nature is to resist you.
Many times, people will get into a relationship and try to hold their partner down. This may be in the form of possessiveness, obsessive clinging, or even jealousy. Whatever forms the holding takes on, this type of reaction is never a result of love, it’s a result of fear; fear of being left, fear of being hurt, fear of being unworthy. But when fear is acted upon in this way it attracts to the relationship the exact situations you were trying to avoid in the first place.
The rule is: When you act in fear, that which you fear will be attracted to you.
Love is the opposite of fear. And with love, any problem is surmountable.
The law of attraction teaches us to pour love into the universe on a daily basis. This applies most of all to romantic relationships.
To love your partner is to let them be who they are, let them do what they want to do, and love them for all their faults and idiosyncrasies.
When you bring love into the relationship, and I mean TRUE love, you will continue to attract a relationship that’s peaceful and successful as you have defined it.
Love is the answer to all problems. Nothing is more powerful than love. Remember, love is all there is…
If you watched the movie The Secret, or have dabbled in the law of attraction, you might be wondering if there is more to it than what is conventionally taught. Sometimes people tell me that the law of attraction seems incomplete, and I have to agree. Fortunately, one of the teachers on the movie The Secret, Bob Proctor, came out with a course that addresses all its unanswered questions. It’s called The 11 Forgotten Laws, and I strongly suggest it to clients who want to become more effective with their intentions. I consider it the final necessary component to truly understanding the law of attraction. CLICK HERE to check it out now.

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