Using The Law of Attraction Can Turn Your Life Around

Using the Law of Attraction consciously is certainly going to take you down a track you may not have considered before you found this "secret" of the ages. 

The amazing thing is that you will find your old limiting beliefs and patterns, strongly held for so long, will no longer be attractive to you nor serve you well any more. 

In stories about using the law of attraction we often hear about people receiving material things like a car, a house, a financial windfall and even vacations. 

But that is just the icing on the cake. With the Law of Attraction, it's what you lose in the process that can be the most important and rewarding outcome. 


What's great about that?

No doubt most of us use the Law of Attraction to gain something. It may be more money, better health, a loving partner, right business connections and so on. 

Yes, it is about gaining, but you may have to lose or let go of somethings to make it work.

Most of us exposed to the Secret and the Law of Attraction for any length of time, will understand the simple (but not easy!) steps of "Ask," "Believe" and "Receive." 

Once you begin to see the results of this simple formula, you soon realize that you cannot follow this application of the Law of Attraction and expect it to work by hanging onto old things, beliefs and patterns which block or interfere with your success. 

You begin to identify what exactly you need to leave behind or release from your life.

You realize that you have to create the space for new and better things to come in your life.

Now, imagine, for a moment, that you just learned about this law and have applied it to finding a new job. Just to see if it works.

You land your dream job. You are excited and enthusiastic about learning everything you need to know to progress in your career.

When you aren't working or relaxing at home, you are spending time with people who have similar views or interests. They enjoy healthy and stimulating activities, similar to what you enjoy. And as you look around in your life, you begin to realize that you no longer seem to have the time – nor the inclination – to hang around the old moaning-in-their-beer-poor-victim-me crowd you may have hung out with in the past. 

You also notice that you no longer come home feeling frustrated, collapse on the sofa with your large tub of ice-cream to console yourself with or a cheap cask of wine to drown your sorrows in.

It seems like that with almost no effort, these changes in how you see and feel about yourself and how you choose to invest your energies has brought about an amazing transformation of your life.

You pleasantly notice that you have lost some weight, have reduced dangerously high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Your body seems more supple, you have a spring in your step and you don't frown as much. You even look younger.

You are more focused on maximizing the positives in you and you must admit, you like what you see and feel!

No wonder then that you are now attracting into your circle people who are just as positive as you!

Having experienced this and proved to yourself that, "Yeah, this law of attraction stuff really works," you begin to take even bigger steps to taking charge and create the life you would like to have. 

Now, some of the people from your old life notice this change in you and may feel uncomfortable. You try to explain your new found enthusiasm and sense of freedom to them, but they choose not to follow, preferring to live in their familiar, but probably dull and un-inspiring comfort zone. Or in their beer glasses.

A few may join you and travel the journey with you. Others may choose to go on another journey to find their dreams. And that's OK.

Either way, you have made a major shift. You are not going back. You have instead chosen to live consciously and give back to the universe the positive energy by sharing the wonderful concept that is the law of attraction with others. What they do with it, of course, is their business.

It becomes clear to you that each time you consciously use the law, you see what you receive and how the benefits of what you receive tends to flow on to others around you. It feels so good to spread the grace!

You now feel more confident in your ability to use the law of attraction and ask for something big. You ask for a townhouse in town, somewhere closer to your job. You do this even though prices are high and it seems that finding a good place may be very difficult. 

But you now trust more, so why not? What have you got to lose, right?

As you now know enough about using the law of attraction, you are very specific in your request. You also believe that the townhouse is already yours. You are merely waiting for everything to align and reveal the address of your new home. 

Lo and behold, it manifests and you gratefully receive it! 

And when you receive it, you share your "secret" with your realtor. That's right, you spread the grace!

Of course, you had no idea that your realtor was worried and depressed about her finances at the time. She was too professional to reveal that to you.

But when you shared with her your experiences with using the law of attraction, she was grateful. She listened and eagerly applied the principles and turned her life around.

It is now months later. She (the realtor) is offered a major contract for a large and lucrative housing development project and she remembers you and she asks you to join her as a design consultant. How cool is that?

Just like that, time after time, your positive energy attracts more and even greater positive energy to you and your life moves forward to bigger and better things.

Not just materially mind you. You also feel different. You are more open and loving. You feel more connected and aligned with that great reservoir of energy we call the universe. You trust life because you know that when you take responsibility for your life and apply the principles, you can tap into this reservoir of energy and manifest whatever you want in your life.

Another thing becomes clear to you. That when you share your good fortune with others, greater good is returned to you in many guises.

Knowing this makes you feel empowered and gives you a greater sense of freedom, something you hardly knew before. Possibilities and opportunities just seem to come your way. And it feels great!

If you want to learn more about using the law of attraction to turn your life around and let good fortune flow to you and on to others, then I invite you to download the brilliant program The 11 Forgotten Laws.


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