Can Mind Movies Make Using The Law of Attraction Affirmations More Powerful?

What is a Mind Movie?

It is a unique and personal audio-visual representation you create of the things you want to achieve, have and experience in your life. It is like a vision board on steroids!

It can help you tap into the power of the Law of Attraction more consciously and effectively.

We know from the law of attraction that by focusing on what you want to achieve and taking action, you should achieve it.

Of course, it also depends on the strength of your beliefs and your inner, or subconscious alignment. For more about dealing with our limiting beliefs and inner resistance, read my posts on Law of Attraction Affirmations Mastery and More Best Methods of Clearing Your Karma.

It is sad, but many of us do find it difficult to identify and visualize what exactly it is that we want.

And once we identified what we want, then what? How do we focus on it, regularly?

We know focus, and regular focus at that, is very important in deliberate creation.

Enter Mind Movies!

Ryan Higgins, of, had been trying hard to bring about changes in his life. He tried visualization and affirmations for some time, but not with huge success. Probably like many of us!

He wanted to make visualization fun and find a method that he could continue doing regularly, and enjoy doing it. Above all, he wanted a method to help him succeed.

One day, while searching the Internet, Ryan came up with the idea to make a movie on his computer of what he wanted his life to look and be like.

He created his movie. He watched his own unique and personal movie regularly, and within 3 months of watching, he had achieved everything in it.

Excited by his success, he wanted to share his idea with others who were struggling with the law of attraction and manifesting. So that they could achieve similar success as he did. The birth of the Mind Movies creation kit!

Where as when making vision boards we cut out images from magazines, stick them on a board and then have to remember to look at them a few times a day, Mind Movies use animated images, affirmations and music in a very unique way and all on your computer screen.

You don't have to plaster your walls or fridge with images. You can do it all on your computer screen and can take it with you on a laptop, if need be.

This is difficult to do with a full blown vision board!

In a nut shell, Mind Movies turbo-charge the vision board idea.

It's like a short YouTube video you create just for yourself, one you tailor to exactly how you want it. This is powerful stuff!

If you doubt their power, see what Bob Proctor, the creator of the 11 Forgotten Laws program and one of the key teachers in the movie The Secret says about them in this video:


The "secret sauce" of the law of attraction is to visualize your desires as if you already have them. You do this with Mind Movies in a much more powerful, personal, engaging, and importantly, emotional way.

Since it's a fun thing to do, you are more likely to take the time to create your movie, and more importantly, continue to watch it.

The movie creation kit makes it very simple to use. Even people who think have little computer skills can easily put their unique movie together. And more importantly, have fun doing it!

Next, CLICK HERE  and check out how easy Mind Movies are to make and how they can help you!



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