Bob Proctor – World Renowned Life Coach & Creator of The 11 Forgotten Laws

Bob Proctor Creator of The 11 Forgotten Laws

 Bob Proctor may or may not be a name that you immediately recognize, but to many people he has been the most  influential person in their lives. He is credited with turning hundreds, even thousands of people into millionaires. 

 His methods and techniques are ingenious in that they make things which are difficult simple again and allow people  to harness the innate power of their own minds.

 Bob has been teaching and coaching in the personal success industry since 1968, so he’s seen it all. He’s seen it come  and he’s seen it go. Quite possibly his biggest talent is taking something that’s complex and breaking it down into  something simple, so that people follow through and create their own success. All genius seems to work that way.

 He believes firmly and fervently in the power of the mind and the power of the Law of Attraction. In fact, he’s been teaching the same principles for decades, decades before the book The Secret was even written. He’s an expert on inner motivation and practical teachings which uplift people, allowing them to rise to their greatest possible potential and change their world.

Bob was one of the folks in the movie The Secret, along with people like Lisa Nichols and Jack Canfield, among the more notable. And even though he was in the movie, he believes that the movie and the concept of The Secret are simply not enough to cause people to fully utilize the Law of Attraction. 

He’s come out publicly and said this, and he’s also created a fully digital program which he believes fills in all of the gaps which The Secret misses. It’s called The 11 Forgotten Laws. In this program he skillfully expands the knowledge base of the Law of Attraction and also shows people where they are going off track.

The Secret, he argues, was such a smash hit with millions of people reading it, but, where are the massive results? If millions of people were really using The Secret properly would we really be in this giant recession? He makes some interesting points to think about. It seems that most people need a bit more help in manifesting their thoughts.

For the student of positive thinking, meditation, personal growth, and spirituality this certainly makes sense. The laws are solid, so if they aren’t working, then we must be doing something wrong. 

What are most people doing wrong? Well, they most undoubtedly understand the Law of Attraction but they’re still having trouble making it truly work of a grand level.

Bob provides step by step instructions and detailed information which takes the theory and brings it into practice. He gives examples and breaks everything down so that it doesn’t get complicated and too theoretical. That is what most people are searching for he says, a way to make these laws actually come in fruition with practical steps.

Bob Proctor is one of those rare individuals who has seized upon a trend in his field and made it his own. He realizes that the Law of Attraction is based on the ultimate power in the universe, but, even if people know about it, it does nobody any good if we all can’t make it all work with great success.

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