Announcement: The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

The 11 Forgotten Laws Program


The 11 Forgotten Laws – Turning On the Power of the Law of Attraction in Your Life!

You may have heard a lot about The Secret and the Law of Attraction and the difference that it can make in your life. 

It may be hard to believe that your life can undergo a tremendous improvement as well as your attitude and the things that you can make happen around you. But, before you decide that this is not real and that it can’t do anything for you, the 11 Forgotten Laws is a program that you should really check out.

What is it?

To begin with, the 11 Forgotten Laws is a set of 12 digital CDs that can be downloaded from the Internet. 

These are CDs that uncover 11 laws and teachings that were forgotten but must be used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction if you want to reach the maximum potential of what the Law of Attraction can provide for you. 

These laws include The Law of Increase, Forgiveness, Non-Resistance, Compensation and others that you will learn about in the course. 

The program of the 11 Forgotten Laws was developed by two experts when it comes to the Law of Attraction, Mary Manin Morrissey and Bob Proctor. 

After trying to apply the laws of attraction to his life for several years and getting only sad results, Bob Proctor found the secret laws and teachings that allowed him to use the law and obtain maximum results. 

These are the secrets he shares in the audio program of the 11 Forgotten Laws. 

Bob Proctor the 11 forgotten laws

You probably will remember Bob Proctor from the movie, The Secret. He appeared in this movie as one of the main presenters and has been described by a former special assistant to the President of the United States as being a "master thinker." He wrote the bestseller, You Were Born Rich and has changed the lives of many people with his courses, books, personal coaching programs and seminars.


Mary Morrissey of the 11 forgotten laws

Mary  Morrissey is a best-selling author as well. She wrote Building Your Field of Dreams and No Less Than Greatness. The founder and minister of the Living Enrichment Center Church, Mary was part of the Gandhi and King Foundations that spoke to the United Nations as Co-Chair for the Non-Violence Season. 


How the 11 Forgotten Laws Can Help You

The goal of the 11 Forgotten Laws is to aid you in discovering the missing parts that may be why the Law of Attraction isn’t working the way it should for you. 

The creators of this program explain that the reason this happens is because there are fundamentals missing. They weren’t covered in the movie, The Secret, and you cannot have the full potential of what the Law of Attraction offers without knowing these missing parts.

You need this program if you’ve been faithfully using the Law of Attraction to bring positive things into your life but it just hasn’t been working. It claims to have the secret of reaching the full potential that the Law of Attraction is meant to achieve. 


What You Can Do After You Learn the 11 Forgotten Laws

Once you study this program, there are many things that you’ll be able to accomplish by applying them to your life. These include: 

  • Reaping the immense potential when you apply the Law of Attraction.

  • Understanding and applying the Law of Compensation. 

  • Being able to survive in a crisis.

  • Applying The Law of Thinking to gain positive coincidences.

  • Learning how to turn every hard situation into a rewarding opportunity.

  • Thriving financially during a hard economy.

  • Breaking through the mental limitations that might be getting in the way of your success.

  • Tapping into your own hidden potential to obtain your desired results.

  • Helping you to overcome things that might be keeping you from success.

This program teaches you how you can apply each one of the 11 Forgotten Laws in all areas of life. So you can use them in whatever area of your life: finances, relationships, career, health and wellness, creativity, spirituality – limitless, really.

Use for any area of your life you’re having difficulties with and need to find a breakthrough.


What You Get

When you purchase the 11 Forgotten Law package, you’ll have access to: 

·  12 CDs, which are instantly downloadable.
·  An online workbook that allows you to record and keep track of your progress.
·  A community made up of peers that offer learning and support.
·  Transcripts of each of the 95 lesson tracks.

11 forgotten laws

With the 12 CDs, you’ll find the 11 laws and how they can be used to manifest your desires and enjoy the full potential of the Law of Attraction. These include: 

  • Disc 1: Working with the Law

  • Disc 2: The Law of Thinking

  • Disc 3: The Law of Supply

  • Disc 4: The Law of Attraction and How to Apply it the Right Way

  • Disc 5: The Law of Receiving

  • Disc 6: The Law of Increase

  • Disc 7: The Law of Compensation

  • Disc 8: The Law of Non-Resistance

  • Disc 9: The Law of Forgiveness

  • Disc 10: The Law of Sacrifice

  • Disc 11: The Law of Obedience

  • Disc 12: The Law of Success



You’ll also get bonuses when you purchase the 11 Forgotten Laws. These are: 

  •  Bonus 1: This is the American Monk’s Prosperity Program. It’s a 4-step guide to prosperity and success in the form of 4 modules.


11 forgotten laws bonus

  • Module 1 discusses how to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

  • Module 2 covers what to do to attract your desires.

  • Module 3 is how to lift the curse of unfulfilled desires.

  • Module 4 teaches the miraculous universal bank meditation. 


  •  Bonus 2: Manifest like a Millionaire – This is a video from Master Your Mind seminar.


Manifest Like a Millionaire

  •  Bonus 3: The Silva Centering Exercise – Use this to bring your mind into well-being and peace.

Silver Centering Exercise



Can the 11 Forgotten Laws Honestly Help You?

If you are someone that holds a strong belief in the Law of Attraction and you’ve been using its principles consistently but not getting the results you need, the 11 Forgotten Laws may supply the very thing that has been missing. 

You may be short on time, but the audio programs allow you the opportunity to listen as you drive to work or go out running. 

Not only is this an amazing personal development course that will change your life, but you’ll also become much happier and better prepared to attain everything you want. 

The cost for this entire program is $97 plus the free bonuses you get to enhance the basic program. 

You can’t lose anything by trying it out. 

If you’re not happy with what you get and you feel the program isn’t working the way you need it to, simply ask for your money back. 

The 11 Forgotten Laws program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. 




==è Click here to get full, immediate access to The 11 Forgotten Laws ç==

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The Law of Attraction is About Giving and Simplicity

Many of us are drawn to the law of attraction because we want to become more abundant.

But many of us experience lack, no matter how hard we "try."

But, could it be simpler than we thought to experience abundance in our life?

Could it be that all it takes to really consciously engage the law of attraction positively in our life is a change in our attitude?

But since we often suffer from a fear of poverty, we hinder ourselves from truly experiencing a feeling of abundance and we create stress in our life. We become so busy comparing what we have or don't have with others and measure our "success" accordingly. 

All we then see is our glass half empty and spin our wheels to fill it up. But, perhaps, with the wrong things.

Here are two things to do to turn things around:

1. Give

Isn't it somewhat ironic that many of those who give tend to have more?

And it's not because they live a life of excess, and they can afford to give, as many of us may believe.

On the contrary, it seems that people who give freely, no matter how much they have, tend to attract more in their lives so they can then keep on giving. Paradoxical as it may sound!

When we practice giving, without fear and without expecting anything in return, we will truly experience abundance. Receiving is always activated by the act of giving. Simple as that!

But for many of us, it is not easy. We may tend to not recognize or even reject the gift of giving and then experience a sense of lack and dissatisfaction.

So, learn to give, even in small ways, but with a change of attitude when giving.

2. Simplify

Why do we experience so much stress in our life?

Are we chasing too many things?

Are we chasing essential things?


Are we focused on chasing the wrappings, the outer, material things at the expense of the essential things?

To illustrate this point, I invite you to watch the following video:


So, are we focusing on the cup or what fills it?

The video reminds me of Forest Gump's "Life is like a box of chocolates…!"

Simplifying doesn't mean not living an enriched life. On the contrary!

So, where are you focused in your life?

Begin by becoming clear where your values are.

Learn to give more, with the right attitude and simplify your life.

The more you do those two things, the more you will notice the law of attraction working in your favour.

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Quantum Physics Explains Law of Attraction

Can Quantum Physics explain the Law of Attraction?

Are they related? 

As we know, The Law of Attraction claims that we are responsible for manifesting our reality through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

We create our reality through our intentions. Our conscious intentions but mostly through our unconscious ones.

At the moment in the scientific world the branch of science which is, in my opinion, the most exciting, is Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics examines the deeper fabric of our world and tries to throw light on how the sub-atomic world creates our outer or manifested world. 

Now, while Quantum Physics is still evolving, as our consciousness expands, new tools and methods will be created to look deeper into the quantum world. Nevertheless, what has been established thus far is enough to allow us to make the connection between quantum physics and the law of attraction.

In the following video, "Dr Quantum Explains The Law of Attraction Scientifically"  it explains the double-slit experiment and the relationship between particles and waves, and how we influence their behavior:


We can see in above video how the act of observation impacts the behavior of waves/particles of quantum physics.

Now, lets go further and consider: Is there a connection between mind and matter?

How can our energy patterns of thought have an impact on us, our experiences, and our environment – our world?

Can our thoughts influence not only our present, but also our past and our future?

In the following video "Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective" by Kent Healy, we continue to discover how Quantum Physics explains the Law of Attraction:


We know that everything, us, the universe, the table, the chair you sit in is but a "vibration"

Everything is vibration. We are a sea of vibration.

Ancient esoteric teachings suggest that there is no difference between "spirit" and "matter." The only difference is the frequency of vibration. "Spirit" vibrates at a faster frequency and matter vibrates at a slower frequency.

As thought is vibration, doesn't it stand to reason that all vibrations impact on all "other" vibration?

I guess the choice we should now make is:

"What vibration do I want to be?"

"What impact do I want to have?"

More information about the law of attraction and quantum physics will be posted here soon. There is an enormous amount of exciting information and ideas about this subject, and I would love to share some of it with you.

But in the meantime, go ahead and ponder the implications suggested by the two videos above on how Quantum Physics explains the Law of Attraction.

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The 11 Forgotten Laws and The Law of Sacrifice: Losing to Gain

The Law of Sacrifice is one of the forgotten laws in Bob Proctor's and Mary Morissey's The 11 Forgotten Laws training program.

When many of us think of sacrifice, we tend to see it as something negative and unpleasant. As if we are going to lose something. And we certainly can't see how relevant this sacrifice "thing" is to how to make the law of attraction "work" for us.

How about we look at sacrifice in a new and more empowering way?

Yes, The Law of Sacrifice requires that you lose or give up something.

Why is this necessary?

You need to give up something of a lesser value in order to create the space to receive something else. Something of an even higher value.

An upgrade, if you like.

So instead of losing, you are in fact gaining.

And if you apply The Law Of Sacrifice to your life, your life will improve and get better and better.

How do you do this?

Begin with being conscious of your activities. Start small to begin with. Perhaps look at how you spend your time, money and energy.

Are you spending your time, money and energy to create a better life or are you just spinning your wheels, doing the same things, the same old way and expecting improvement in your life?

What could you sacrifice in order to improve your life?

Are you ready and willing to experience an inch of discomfort to achieve a mile of bliss?

Take a look at what Bob Proctor, of The 11 Forgotten Laws program and presenter on the movie The Secret, has to say about this important, but often misunderstood Law of Sacrifice:

Are you wanting to create a better and more rewarding life?

If yes, what are you prepared to let go of in order to get there?

How are you prepared to create the space to manifest this better and more rewarding life?

Want to power-up the law of attraction in your life?

If you would like to discover how you can apply this Law of Sacrifice to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones, then check out the brilliant The 11 Forgotten Laws program.

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The 11 Forgotten Laws and The Law of Non-Resistance




One of the laws presented in The 11 Forgotten Laws program is The Law of Non-Resistance.

When trying to maximise use of the law of attraction, The Law of Non-Resistance is often overlooked and not seen as important. 

Perhaps we foolishly overlook or dismiss it because we are all geared up to "fighting" to "get" or "prevent" things.

All the laws that support the law of attraction are important, and that includes the law of non-resistance as taught in The 11 Forgotten Laws program.

I'm sure you have heard of the saying "What You Resist Persists?"

Well, that sums up The Law of Non-Resistance.

The more you hate, resent or resist a situation, event, pattern and thing that presents itself in your life, the more difficult it is to get rid of it from your life.

The more you rerist a situation, the more of the same you will keep coming accross.

Remember, if you focus on what you don't want in your life (you know, those people, situations, etc., etc!) you will tend to encounter more of them.

Perhaps over and over again, at least until "you get it!"


Because you are resisiting them.

You need to change your thinking about them.

You need to accept them for what they are, at the moment.

Be curious and learn why they are there and then focus on what you do want instead.

I invite you to look at the following video by Bob Proctor, the creator of The 11 Forgotten Laws training program, in which he talks about The Law of Non-Resistance:


We all need to learn how to live in harmony with the Universal Laws.

This will make our life much easier.

Are you in a situation that you simply hate and you are resenting and resisting it?

If you are, you may not yet realize that it is this very hate, resentment and resistance that is anchoring you in your stuck state and blocking you from moving forward in your life.

Whenever you are in a state of resistance, it is safe to assume that you have inner conflict.

And where there is inner conflict, the more difficult it is to positively align with the law of attraction to attract the things you want.

Ready to learn more about how to apply The Law of Non-Resistance, together with the other of the 11 Forgotten Laws to create a life you want?

CLICK HERE and discover how The 11 Forgotten Laws can help you move forward!



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The 11 Forgotten Laws and The Law of Thinking

In The 11 Forgotten Laws program, the first law presented is The Law of Thinking.

And for good reason!

In this Law, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, creators and presenters of The 11 Forgotten Laws, teach us the importance of and how to get organized and disciplined with our thoughts.

Why is this important?

Let's start with a quote from the Proverbs: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"

Well, if your thinking is chaotic and unfocused, what results can you expect to see in your life?

The Law of Thinking reveals that what we consider "thinking" is not thinking at all!

"What?" I can hear you say.

"I think all time! I think about my partner, my job, the traffic, I think about money, the economy. I think about my kids, I think about my health, I think about what to have for dinner, I think about my team winning, I practically think all day and sometimes all night, and then I think about my lack of sleep and how tired I am! And then I think about…." On and on!

"So how is that Not Thinking?!!"

Well, this activity that is usually going on in our heads is mostly just undisciplined and unfocused habitual mind chatter.

Most of it not productive at all.

Not sure?

How about really examining your thoughts a few times a day? 

What, exactly, are you thinking about your health, (or lack of) your wealth (or lack of,) your kids, your job, your relationships, your boss, your politicians?

Are they loving, positive and constructive thoughts or ones based on lack, fear and doubt?

According to the Law of Thinking, and emphasized throughout the whole The 11 Forgotten Laws course, our inner thoughts are what we believe at the subconscious level of our being. This is what is really meant by "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

These are the thoughts that cause the effects in our lives.

Not sure about this? Just look at the results you are producing in your life!

If you want different results, then you need to change your thinking.

Now hear this: These thoughts (subconscious) can be changed! 

There are no magic wands and it does require effort on your part.

It requires the knowledge, and more importantly the application of that knowledge.

Still not sure about how important thinking is to your wellbeing? Then view the following video, in which Bob Proctor, the creator of The 11 Forgotten Laws course talks about The Law of Thinking:

So, what do you choose?

Would you like to harness the most powerful ability you have available to you and use it constructively or do you want to stay where you are?

To discover more about The Law of Thinking, then I highly recommend The 11 Forgotten Laws program.

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What Has The Art of Blessing Got To Do With The Law 0f Attraction?

As we know, the law of attraction always works, whether we believe in it or not.

Our success with it in creating the life we want is subject to the quality of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

This determines whether what we attract is "pleasant' or "unpleasant."

It's all about learning to take responsibility for our life, and learn that we create our heaven or hell  on this Earth.

So, what has the art of blessing got to do with it?


Look at your life: Do you curse or bless everything you experience in your life?

What, bless everything? Including the unpleasant bits?

Yes, if you want to align with the law of attraction and heal your life!

If you doubt the power of blessing, then open your heart to the message in the following video!

So, go ahead. 

Bless your family, your friends, your money, your debts, your car, your pet, your politicians (really?), your garden, the flowers, your enemies (yikes!).

Need I go on?

I'm sure you get the picture!

Turn your life around with the power of blessing!

Want more inspiration about the art of blessing? Check out the following book!

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5 Keys to Using The Law of Attraction for Money Success

Many people are challenged when using the law of attraction to attract more money and improve their financial situation.

Some appear to have no real problem with simply overcoming that challenge and succeeding.

Some never ever succeed, despite the fact that they struggle very hard.

Why is this?

What are the differences between those who succeed and those who fail?

If you are one who finds it hard succeeding using the law of attraction for money, how do you join the group that will succeed?

It's not hard, but it does require some effort on your part.

So how about you?

Do you really choose to win at using the law of attraction to attract more money and feel secure?

Then you certainly should find out what are the important keys to unlock the door to the successful use of the law of attraction. Put simply, you should increase your knowledge. One of the best tools for this is the 11 forgotten laws and the five keys below.

Here are five keys to help you succeed at using the law of attraction to attract more money:

1. Get Curious About Your Beliefs on Money.

Why might this make a difference when using the law of attraction?

You need to make your (unconscious) beliefs, your fears, your doubts, your patterns, your limitations conscious so you can deal with them.

If you approach this not from guilt and fear, but out of curiosity and a willingness to explore, you lessen the stress, the guilt and the shame that may be preventing you from really examining your beliefs, and taking action to transform them to more empowering ones.

All right,let's say I follow this recommendation, what results can I expect?

If you want to use the law of attraction to change your finances, you need to change the way you think and create a new mindset about money and abundance.

And in order to change your mindset, you need to know what it is right now, and transform it to what you would like to be instead.

Remember, your beliefs run the show and really dictate your level of success with anything you do, including your financial success. So dig deep and be honest with yourself!

2. Find Your Interests and Passion.

It often surprises me when I ask some clients: "What would you really love to do in order to attract more money?"

They simply don't know.


Because they have not given themselves permission to find out or even explore their options!

This is tied in to their limiting beliefs.

So, go ahead and ask your self:

"What would I love to do to attract or create more money into my life?"

"How would I feel if I had more money in my life?"

Wouldn't it be better if we did something we were interested in doing rather than something that we resented?

Wouldn't that lessen our inner conflict?

Wouldn't that create a different and higher vibration? A more attractive one?

So having gotten in touch with what you are really interested in doing to attract more money, how can you get passionate about it?

Remember your feelings – your passion – is the fuel that drives you.

Are you passionate enough to begin to change your inner landscape around money?

Are you passionate enough to create a new plan to transform your financial situation?

Are you passionate enough to create and install new empowering beliefs in your consciousness?

3. Being Aligned.

You need to be 100% aligned consciously and unconsciously with what you want and desire.

You can't have conflicting beliefs and expect positive results.

Find ways to resolve your inner conflicts about money.

Many people struggle with using the law of attraction to attract more money not because they ask for too much, but because they expect and accept too little!

Again, this is driven by beliefs!

Isn't time to change them to something better?

4. Modelling Successful People.

Why is this critical?

It is best to be inspired and learn from those who you really see as being successful, in the way you define success, rather than take notice, listen to or follow those who are not.

People who are successful have a tendency to think differently about money. They see opportunities, where many others don't. They also tend to have a strong belief in their capacity and take action.

So find some people who inspire you and study their attitudes and behaviours.

You will also find that many of them know that they add value to society with what they do. They, in their own way, serve. And, according to the law of attraction, they get rewarded, again according to their capacity and karma.

5. Taking Right Action.

So, what is the main plus factor with this?

If you break down the word "attraction" you will find the word "action" is right there. OMG!

Many people think that by just focusing on what you want, it will (hopefully!) just appear!

Well, it might, but you need to prepare the field first. You have to do your part and the universe will deliver.


By taking right action to move towards your vision of what you want to achieve, in this case more financial security.

Reminds me of an old Sufi (I think!) saying I came accross sometime ago:

"Trust Allah that your camels won't run away at night, but tie them up first!" :)

To have good results with using the law of attraction for money, apply the 5 keys above and enjoy the rewards! 

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Use the Law of Attraction to Grow Your Business

How to Grow a Business or Excel in Your Job With the Law of Attraction

"How do I use the law of attraction to grow my business?"

This is one question I often encounter in my work with clients.  Some time ago I addressed this question by posting an article in Ezine Articles and you can read it below:

How to Grow a Business or Excel in Your Job With the Law of Attraction.

By Constantine Xanthos

Many people are drawn to the law of attraction because it promises to bring material wealth into their lives. But few stop to consider that the law of attraction is a linear event that doesn't always begin and end with the final result- It is a process, and as such, it takes a series of events to manifest anything into our lives; especially those things like money and tangible wealth.

The first thing to consider is that the law of attraction is a mirror that uses your reality to reflect back to you your current state of consciousness. It will give you what you think, and most importantly, it will give you what you are. So, if you are resentful towards your business or your job you are essentially limiting the potential for monetary growth that can stem out of those avenues.

I meet many people every day that actually resent their job, and more ironically, resent their own business. How ironic is it that they should pour their entire being into a business then come to resent it? What does that tell us about their internal state? And what does that tell us about their potential for making that business really grow?

When using the law of attraction in business it's more important than ever to pour positive emotions and joyous thoughts into it on a daily basis. Simply put, the best way to nurture a business and make it into a money sucking machine is to send love rather resentment into it as much as possible. After all, you worked hard to make that business grow. You nurtured it, grew it from the ground up, and put your heart and soul into everything that it has become. So how could you resent it? The key is to love it instead.

Another useful technique is to determine who and what are your best clients and/or jobs and to send loving energy into those things as much as possible. This is especially important for those clients who are a perfect fit. When you appreciate people like them, and really express that feeling (both to them and to yourself) the universe will have no other choice than to give you similar people to be appreciative for. You'll find when you live from this level of love and appreciation all of those vexing people that you used to deal with in the past will simply disappear. They will be replaced with good people that you love to work with, and consequently, they will give you more money and things to be appreciative for. This is the true essence of the law of attraction, and since our work and business take up the majority of our time every day, it should be used as much as possible to facilitate growth in the direction that we desire.

If you watched the movie The Secret, or have dabbled in the law of attraction, you might be wondering if there is more to it than what is conventionally taught. Sometimes people tell me that the law of attraction seems incomplete, and I have to agree. Fortunately, one of the teachers on the movie The Secret came out with a course that addresses all its unanswered questions. It's called The 11 Forgotten Laws, and I strongly suggest it to students who want to become more effective with their intentions. I consider it the final necessary component to truly understanding the law of attraction. CLICK HERE to check it out now.

Or, go to

Thanks for reading!

Article Source:

I'm sure you get the idea that the quality of your mindset is very important when wanting to use the law of attraction to attract business.

You know that the quality of your thoughts are reflected in your feelings. And that your feelings determine your actions.

So be very mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions around your business.

Spend some time every day, and several times during the day and reflect on your business. Reflect on the following:

  • Why am I in business?
  • Why am I in the business I am in?
  • How do I serve my clients and contribute to the world at large with my business?
  • Right now, am I loving or resenting my business, my clients?
  • Who and what type of people would I like to attract to my business to do business with?

This is a good way for you to be mindful of your business and your relationship to your business and your clients.

Remember, money comes to us via our relationships. Good quality relationships in our business creates an avenue for money to come to you. So nurture your relationships to your clients and especially to yourself.

This is how you can use the law of attraction wisely to grow your business.

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The Law of Attraction: Has it Got a Purpose Beyond Attracting Money?

The Law of Attraction and the Meaning of Life

Many of us are initially motivated "using" the law of attraction to bring more money into our life.

Of course, if we are struggling with money and abundance issues, we are going to focus on it and try to find "solutions" to our money problems.

Naturally, when we are in that state, it is difficult to have the perspective that when we experience such problems, we have created it somewhere in our consciousness and now are "enjoying" ;) it's manifestation.

And it's not easy to sit back and ponder the meaning of such events and perhaps suffering as having a higher purpose. We just want to stop the pain and suffering!

Whether we like it or not, every event in our life we have created or attracted, and has a meaning. And we need to learn and grow from it.

A difficult concept to grasp for many, I know.

Some time ago I published an article in Ezine Articles which tries to explain this concept.

Here it is:

The Law of Attraction and the Meaning of Life
By Constantine Xanthos

Most people would agree that the victories and struggles we go through in our lives serve some sort of purpose. Some teachers tell us that the meaning of life is to learn; that the earth is a school of some sort and we have to pay attention to the lessons that come to us. Others say that we're here strictly to experience; that we already know everything but we are here to encounter those things experientially. Most agree however that growth, in whatever form, is a central tenet to the purpose of life.

We can all attest that life seems to give us the exact challenges we need at the exact time we need them. It's almost as if there's a higher power that knows exactly how to push our buttons and reveal our weaknesses. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the circumstances that come into your life, and smile at the perfect situations that push you to grow.

When considering life from a purely rational perspective most would agree that it's a process of growth and development, and the law of attraction fits perfectly into that theory. From this perspective the law of attraction acts like a magnet that attracts to us the exact situations we need for our optimal growth. We might compare it to being lost in a forest with a beautiful meadow on the other side. Within the forest there are markers on the trees that point the way out. Either we follow these markers, or we don't; either way we have license to do exactly as we choose.

When we follow the markers and pay attention to what they are telling us our trip through the forest is a lot easier; many times even enjoyable. We listen to what we're attracting, act accordingly, and ascend to new heights of living with great views, amazing heights, and feelings of oneness with the all. When we ignore the signs our journey becomes strewn with calamity. We get more and more lost, and we sink deeper into the darker corners of the forest and lose ourselves in the shadows.

The signs on the trees, of course, are the situations, people, and circumstances that we have attracted into our lives. How difficult or easy the journey is depends completely on us. The more we allow ourselves to sink into the depths of the forest the more the signs are going to slap us in the face and say: "Wake up! Look at what you're creating. There is another way!"

When we follow the signs we realize that we are responsible for what we attract. We can then consciously create the trails that lead to the more spectacular parts of the forest. Life, in turn, will then give us new challenges to bring us to even bigger heights. Not unlike the self improvement of someone who hikes a mountain to get to a gorgeous view, the process challenges us, makes us grow to surmount it, and then rewards us in the end.

Say what you will about the meaning of life. Are we here just as god's entertainment? Or are we here to grow, experience, evolve, and develop? Of course, no one knows. But the law of attraction seems to point to the latter. It is a self-sustaining system that shows us that we have control over how it unfolds. We create what we experience and we grow from it- An elegant system indeed!

The secret, of course, is to take the reins and guide your life in the direction of your choosing, and to accept the challenges as gifts which will help you to grow. When you do that, the meaning of life is what you make of it, and the law of attraction becomes the ideal tool to create your life exactly as you have always wanted.

Everything you attract to yourself has purpose. You might even call it a "higher purpose," and when considering the larger whole, that purpose is always good. To learn more about the law of attraction and how you can use it to control your journey, CLICK HERE

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It really is all about taking responsibility and stop blaming circumstances and other people for our "experiences" in life. This applies to both our challenges and our times of "bliss."

Empowering and responsible questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I choosing to create in my life?
  • How does it manifest?
  • What am I learning from it?
  • How does that help me grow?
  • What is the next step forward?

So next time you are experiencing a challenge or a bliss-full moment, take a moment and ask yourself the above questions. Then, listen with your heart.


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